Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Zweimal Musik


James Blunt - you're beautiful
Dido - all you want
R.E.M. - you're in the air
James - out to get you
The Beatles - do you want to know a secret
Aretha Franklin - a natural woman
Eric Clapton - wonderful tonight
Herbert Grönemeyer - halt mich
Placebo - my sweet prince
Rio Reiser - für immer und dich
The Cranberries - dreams
U2 - everlasting love
The Cure - just like heaven
Elvis Presley - fever
Tracey Chapman - for my lover
Alanis Morissette - head over feet
Madonna - crazy for you
The Verve - lucky man


Coldplay - strawberry swing
Lou Reed - I love you
Eartha Kitt - just an old fashioned girl
Norah Jones - my dear country
Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman - somethin' stupid
Feist - my moon my man
Jason Mraz - I'm yours
Radiohead - jigsaw falling into place
Herr Nilsson - sex im forumhotel
Thomas D. - rückenwind
Element of Crime - mehr als sie erlaubt
MIA. - tanz der moleküle
Pola -breathe
R.E.M. - try not to breathe
radiohead - last flowers to the hospital
Portishead - all mine
The Cardigans - and then you kissed me 2
Moloko - the time is now

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